Shilpa Shetty Biography, Age, Husband, Net Worth

She is THE face of India: Shilpa Shetty is one of the most popular Bollywood stars in her home country. Her acting talent is controversial. The majority of her 50 films flopped at the box office. But thanks to her looks, her incredible talent as a dancer, and, last but not least, her intelligence, she built up a considerable fan base.

Horses and Tennis are two of Shilpa’s favored pastimes, and she relishes playing golf with her hubby. She was also the proprietor of Royals, the Indian Premier League team, but traded it to ManojBadale. In addition, she was known to love gambling and maybe even played The real Malamaal lottery.

Phir Milenge” – Shilpa’s Big Hit

After the young Shilpa started modeling at the age of 16 – like so many Bollywood colleagues – two years later, she was able to shine in her first film, “Baazigar,” alongside Shahrukh Khan. But her career didn’t take off. A few unsuccessful films later, the tall Indian woman thought about giving up acting – then she landed a box office hit with ” Phir Milenge.” The film, in which Shilpa plays an HIV-infected woman, became a turning point in her career. Suddenly she was considered the hottest actress in Bollywood, and in 2004 there wasn’t a film award ceremony without Shilpa’s name on the list of nominees.

Shilpa Shetty Career

Forbidden Kisses and “Big Brother”

In Europe, however, Shilpa only became known through two medium-sized events. For one, Richard Gere kissed her. Many Gere fans can’t understand what’s wrong with a smack on the cheek. But in India, the actor’s “obscene behavior” sparked a wave of protests, and she was even charged with obscenity. The second event of far greater proportions occurred in the English “Big Brother” house. Prominent roommates bullied, racially abused, and slandered the Indian woman; she was 32 years old when this happened.

Protest emails from angry Shilpa fans flooded the English Channel “Channel 4”. In India, straw figures of “Big Brother” residents were symbolically burned. Eventually, even the British Parliament debated the case. For Shilpa, all the hype has been an extraordinary career-pusher. She left the television house as the winner, and people knew her in England like a sore thumb.

Life after the Two Prominent Events

In the film “DusShilpa Shetty then showed what she could do again – because it’s an action thriller. She said she wanted to reinvent herself because she played a member of an anti-terrorist group. And then things got going for Shilpa: Life in a … metro” became the first Bollywood film to be shown in Leicester Square in London.And also “Apne,” a sports drama, was a huge success.

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