Riyaz Aly Net Worth 2022, Income, Car Collection


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RIyaz Aly is one of India’s youngest and most popular Fashion Influencer models. RIyaz Aly, has a net worth of 282 crores indian rupees. 

 RIyaz Aly was born on 14 September 2003. Are you fine! But now, you will be shocked to know about the total networth of  RIyaz Aly.

At present, you will get to know a lot of interesting income sources in his life.

RIyaz Aly is famous for lip-sync TikTok videos.

Today I will discuss the Full Income and All Earning Source of  RIyaz Aly . He is one of India’s youngest and most popular Fashion Influencer models.  RIyaz Aly all car collection and full details about his assets. If you want to know about the RIyaz Ali Biography then you can read our other post.


Riyaz Aly is one of India’s youngest and most popular Fashion Influencer models, he has a massive fan following throughout India and has millions of followers over different social media. 

Main Earning Source

Tik Toker, Shooting, model & Influencer.

Net Worth

According to reports, Riyaz Aly’s Net Worth is $0.5 Million as in ( 282 crores in Indian rupees) in 2022. 

He is one of the rising stars in India, it seems in the coming year he will be on the list of Bollywood actors because of his fame. Riyaz Aly’s monthly income is more than 8 Lakh rupees. He is making money with several sources but the majority of his income comes from Bollywood music videos.

RIyaz Aly Car Collection

Apart from that he also earns a lot from Instagram and several brand promotions. Riyaz Aly per brand endorsement fee is 3 to 5 Lakh rupees. After his success all over the country, his net worth is growing every year. Riyaz Aly’s annual income is 70 Lakh rupees. He is also making money from his Youtube channel.

This article, we will discuss the total net worth of Riyaz Aly, his income source, earnings, Salary, luxury lifestyle, assets, brand promotions,  amazing car collection etc.

Riyaz Aly Assets

The  total Net Worth of Riyaz Aly  is  estimated to be $ 0.5 Million which in Indian currency is approximately equal to 282 crore Indian Rupee in 2022. He is making money with several sources but the Majority if his income comes from Bollywood music videos.  His monthly income and Salary approximately 2-5 Lakh Rupees. 

His annual income is more than 70 Lakh. Riyaz Aly is currently making very good money through promotions. He charges 1 to 5 lakh for doing an ad. Some time ago tik tok monetization has gone on, due to which Riyaz makes his videos very good viral by monetization, he earns millions of rupees through these videos.

Net Worth Last 5 Years

Net Worth In 2020 –      $ 0.5 Million

Net Worth In 2019 – $ 0.4  Million

Net Worth In 2018 – $ 0.3 Million

Net Worth In 2017 – $ 0.2 Million

Net Worth In 2016 – $ 0.1  Million

Yearly / Annual Income

 Riyaz Aly’s  yearly income is more than 70 Lakh or 700 million dollars

Monthly Income

Riyaz Aly’s  monthly income is more than 8 Lakh or, $ 80, 00,00

Riyaz Aly’s House

Riyaz Aly’s currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2022. He lives in this house with his family . His apartment is located in one of the beautiful places in Mumbai. Riyaz is one of the top tiktok Stars in India. 

Riyaz Aly Cars

The car collection of Riyaz Aly is very expensive. 

Riyaz Aly Unlimited car collection has Mercedes Benz c class , the price of the car is 52 lakh rupees. Recently he bought a Range Rover car. This car cost him around 75 lakh Indian rupees. He also owns a bike “ Royal Enfield Meteor 350” The cost of the bike is 2 Lakh rupees. 

Riyaz Aly Ambassador

Riyaz Aly is one of the rising stars in India and he is also a fashion blogger due to which so many companies want him to become a brand ambassador of their companies. He is endorsing several brands on different platforms especially on Instagram, and he earns a lot from these brands.

Upcoming Project

Daily Daily Lyrics- Neha Kakkar, Riyaz Aly & Avneet Kaur

Superstar Lyrics- Neha Kakkar, Riyaz Aly & Anushka Sen

Social Media Followers

YouTube – 38 million subscribers 

Facebook – 6.1 million followers

Instagram – 22.3 million  followers

Twitter – 3.1 million followers

Tiktok – 26 million followers

Some FAQ About RIyaz Aly Net Worth

Where did Riyaz Aly born?


Who is GF of Riyaz Aly?

Anushka Sen

What is Riyaz weight?

12 lbs

Who is Riyaz Aly best friend?

Mr. Faisu

Where does Riyaz live now?

Riyaz currently lives in Mumbai


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