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Dawood Ibrahim was a popular nortorious Indian Gangstar and a designated terrorist , who was the mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts.

His net worth is estimated to be more than $ 50 million,  which is equivalent to be more than around $ 400 crores in Indian rupees.

Dawood Ibrahim was born on 26 December, 1995 in Khee Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India.  Are you fine! But now, you will shocked to about total net with of Dawood Ibrahim.

At present you will get to know a lot of interesting income sources in his life.

Today I will discuss the fill income & all earning source of Dawood Ibrahim.  hello ,  How he became a richman. Dawood Ibrahim has a car collection and full details about this assets. If you want to know about Dawood Ibrahim biography then you can read our other post.


Dawood Ibrahim is an famous Indian ( also has Pakistani passport) , Gangster , Terrorist. He Born to a constable of ‘Mumbai Police,’ he grew up in Dongri, Mumbai. Initially, he worked as  petty jobs, such as repairing cars and driving rickshaws.

Money Factor

He earns through various sources such as Gangster , Terrorist etc.

Dawood Ibrahim Net Worth

His net worth is $5  Million in 2021. His  total net worth of  estimated to be $5 million, which in Indian currency is approximately around 35 Crore INR. Dawood Ibrahim is 2nd richest ganster of all time. In the year of 1993-Mumbai blast mastermind Dawood runs a business empire through legal and illegal means across three continents. In the year of 2015 Forbes estimated his net worth at USD 6.7 billion.

He reports of Dawood Ibrahim being seriously ill have led to speculations about the successful life of his business empire. Apart from this, Some reports suggest that his brother Anees would inherit the trans-continental business of the most wanted international terrorist while others hint at a more equitable sharing of Dawood Ibrahim’s assets among his family members and trusted aides . According to Forbes, Dawood Ibrahim is one of the most richest gangsters of all time. In the year of  2015, Forbes estimated Dawood Ibrahim’s net asset at USD 6.7 billion.

 So in this article, we will be discussing the total Net Worth of Dawood Ibrahim income source, earnings, Salary, luxury lifestyle, assets, brand promotions, expensive  car collection etc.

Dawood Ibrahim Assets

According to reports, Dawood Ibrahim net worth in Indian rupees is  35 crore which is $5 Million US in 2021.

His annual income is approximately Crore.

Dawood Ibrahim Assets

Dawood Ibrahim Net Worth Last 5 Years

Dawood Ibrahim’s Net Worth In 2021$5 Million
Dawood Ibrahim’s Net Worth In 2020$4.8 Million
Dawood Ibrahim’s Net Worth In 2019$4 Million
Dawood Ibrahim’s Net Worth In 2018$3.9 Million
Dawood Ibrahim’s Net Worth In 2017$3 Million

Yearly / Annual Income (Dollar & Rs.)

 His annual income is approximately 35  crore or $ 230,110, 005.9 million United States Dollar.

Monthly Income (Dollar & Rs.)

His monthly income is more than 30 lakh rupees or $ 3.5 million United States Dollar.

Dawood Ibrahim House

Dawood Ibrahim currently bought a white House , near Saudi Modque , Clifton , Karachi.  And other one house Nu 37 – 30th Street – defence , housing authority, karachi, Pakistan. And another one Palatial bungalow in the hilly area of Noorabad in Karachi , Pakistan.

The ancestral home of the terrorist was auctioned for more than Rs 11 lakh.

Darwood Ibrahim Cars

He is the owner of some Luxurious cars .So let’s discuss  about Darwood Ibrahim ’s car collection. The first car collection of  Hyundai Accent car . He bought this Luxury car cost of around 15- 20 lakh rupees. The 2nd car collection Toyota Fortuner. This car cost is also 30.00 lakh and this is also the most expensive car in his garage.

That is all about his cars collection.

Dawood Ibrahim Income

Dawood Ibrahim Brand Ambassador

The syndicate indulges in ‘hawala’ illegal drug trade, and arms trafficking in more than 25 countries around the globe. Somehow, what brought him nationwide recognition was his role in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts, which he had planned with Tiger Memon. One of the most-chased terrorists in Indian history, Dawood has been on the ‘Most Wanted’ list of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) for a very long time.

Upcoming Project


Social Media Followers

YouTube – 19 million  subscribers

Facebook  – 10 million  followers

Instagram – 7.8  million followers

Twitter – 9k  followers


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