Carryminati (Ajey Nagar) Net worth 2022, Income, Car Collection


Hello friends…. How are you ? Hope all of you are well right now. Today I will talk about Carryminati Net Worth. He is an Indian Youtuber and a streamer.

He is famous for comedic skits and making roasting videos.

Today I will discuss the  Carryminati Net Worth. How he became a famous an Youtuber some unknown information about his life, and many more details. So let’s start without delay.


He is an Indian Youtuber and a streamer.

Main Earning Source

Two YouTube channel and brand ambassador

Net Worth:

According to reports, Carryminati’s (Ajey Nagar) Net Worth in Indian rupees is approximately 37 Crore or $5 Million US in 2022. He is an Indian Youtuber and a streamer he is most popular all over the country when he started making roasting videos.

His real name is Ajey Nagar.He is the number 1 Youtuber in India who has millions of fan followers in the world because of his comedic skits and reactions to many topics on his channel. Carryminati starts his channel on 30 October 2014 and now he has over 31 million subscribers on his channel.

He has a another gaming Youtube channel named CarryisLive which has over 9.5 million subscribers. So let’s  talk about the total Net Worth of Carryminati (Ajey Nagar) his income, salary, assets,luxury lifestyle, brand promotions,  amazing car collection etc.

Carryminati Assets

Carryminati is one of the richest YouTubers in the country. His monthly income is more than 26 Lakh rupees. The main source of his income comes from Youtube videos, his per video income is more than 1 Lakh rupees depend on views.His annual income is more than 3 Crore rupees.  Excepting  the videos he also earns a lot from the brand promotions and Youtube sponsors.

Carryminati Income

After his successful videos, Carryminati became very popular around the world and his net worth is increasing every year. In 2020 he posted a video on YouTube which title was YouTube vs Tik Tok is generated over 70 million views.As a result next one month of his channel gained new 10 million subscribers.So the total net worth of carryminati in 2022 is approximately 4 million dollar. He also published Yalgaar song on his channel which generated over 180 million views.

His own net worth has never been directly open in the public but he has earned a lot of money from YouTube basis of his YouTube subscribers and views.

Yearly / Annual Income

His annual income is more than 3 Crore rupees.

Monthly Income

His monthly income is more than  26 lakh rupees.

Carryminati House

Because of his huge assets and number 1 YouTubers in India, he likes to live a luxurious lifestyle. Carryminati is the owner of a lavish house in his hometown Faridabad, Haryana. He lives with his family in this beautiful house. He also invested in many other properties all over the country.

Carryminati Cars

As he is one of the richest stars in India and loves to buy expensive and luxury cars. He is the owner of a  Toyota Fortuner and the cost of the car is 35.81 Lakh Indian rupees. Now, he does not have a lot of cars but in the future, he wants to buy some sportscars.

Carryminati Brand Ambassador

CarryMinati was on the list of under 30 according to Forbes. Because of that, so many companies want him to become their brand ambassador.Lifestyle brand Arctic Fox has appointed Asia’s top YouTube content creator CarryMinati as their new brand ambassador.CarryMinati promoting Arctic Fox’s ‘The Gamer Backpack’ the world’s leading personalized gaming backpack. Apart from that he also endorsing several other brands.

Upcoming Project


Social Media Followers

YouTube – 28 million subscribers

Facebook  – 2.2 million followers

Instagram – 13.6 million followers

Twitter – 2.7 million followers

Some FAQ About Carryminati Net worth

What is the monthly income of CarryMinati?

The monthly income of Carry Minaty is 16.8 lakhs in indian rupees.

Is CarryMinati 12th fail?

Life story of Youtuber CarryMinati, who failed in class 12th exam . But he became Star in India. … Ajey Nagar is known as CarryMinati. With more than 16.9 million subscribers on his youtube channel, he is a proud owner of the YouTube diamond play button.

Who is CarryMinati manager?

Ajey Nagar of CarryMinati fame and his manager Anirudh Nagpal form an interesting pair.

Who is CarryMinati Where is he from?


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Ajey Nagar of CarryMinati fame and his manager Anirudh Nagpal form an interesting pair.

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Friends hope all of you are getting some detail information about Carryminati Net worth all Income sources and his car collection. He is a Famous Indian YouTuber. Don’t forget to share about Carryminati Net worth related post.

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