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Anil Kapoor is a famous Indian actor and producer. His net worth is estimated to be more than $ 18 million,  which is equivalent to be more than around 134 Crore in Indian rupees.

He was born on 24th December,  1956 in Mumbai, india. Are you fine! But now, you will shocked to about total net with of Anil Kapoor  .

At present you will get to know a lot of interesting income sources in his life.

Today I will discuss the fill income & all earning source of Anil Kapoor. How he became a richman. Anil Kapoor has a car collection and full details about this assets. If you want to know about Anil Kapoor biography then you can read our other post.


Anil Kapoor is one of the greatest, Finest, and most famous names in Bollywood and other film industries.

Main Earning Source

Bollywood movies , Acting , Film Production and brand promotion

Anil Kapoor Net Worth

His net worth is $17 Million in 2021. Anil Kapoor is an Indian actor. The total net worth of Mr. Anil Kapoor is estimated to be 80 Million USD, which in Indian Currency is approximately 636 Crore Indian Rupee (approx Six Hundred and Thirty-six Crore INR). Also, Anil Kapoor Net worth has seen a rise of about 35% over the past few years. Also, he endorses various brands and a major part of his income comes from brand Endorsements and personal Investments. Apart from earnings and huge net worth, Mr. Kapoor is also a great donor .

A large amount of his income is donated to various charity programs and campaigns. He is also one of the highest taxpayers in the country.

So in this article, we will be discussing the total Net Worth of Anil Kapoor’s income source, earnings, Salary, luxury lifestyle, assets, brand promotions, expensive  car collection etc.

Anil Kapoor Assets

According to reports, Anil Kapoor’s net worth in Indian rupees is 134 Crore which is $18 Million US in 2021. He is one of the richest and highest-paid actor in the Bollywood Industry. His monthly income is more than 15 lac rupees. He mainly works in Hindi language based films, and international filma, and also worked in many television series. He is more than 100 films.

Anil Kapoor Assets

Anil Kapoor Net Worth Last 5 Years

Anil  kapoor Net Worth In 2021 $ 17 Million
Anil  kapoor Net Worth In 2020 $16 Million
Anil  kapoor Net Worth In 2019 $15 Million
Anil  kapoor Net Worth In 2018 $13 Million
Anil  kapoor Net Worth In 2017 $12 Million

Yearly / Annual  Income  (Dollar & Rs.)

 His annual income is approximately 10 to 12 Crore or $ 120 million United States Dollar.

Monthly Income (Dollar & Rs.)

His monthly income is more than 1  Crore rupees or  10 million United States Dollar.

He charges as a fee / salary per movie is around 5 to 6 crores or depend on work.

Anil Kapoor House

Anil Kapoor lives in a luxury bungalow in Mumbai, India. His total of 3 houses and the value of these properties is about 35 Crores INR. Mr. Anil  also owns multiple real estate properties across the country.

Anil Kapoor Cars

 he loves to buy sports cars, and he is the owner of some luxury cars. So let’s discuss  about Anil Kapoor’s car collection. Mercedes Maybach is a trend for many celebrities across the globe how come Mr. Anil , not on the list. The cost of the car is around Rs. 1.70 Crore in India . His car collection also includes a BMW 7 series 730 LD diesel variant. This car cose is around 1.26 Crore in India. He has also the most luxurious Audi badges seden the Audi A8 L. This car is given to Mr. Anil by TataMotors to promote his TV show 24 in India. The cost of the car is around Rs. 16 Lakh for this special variant. He is in depth love for the Mercedes S class since he bought the S400.

That is all about her cars collection.

Anil Kapoor Car

Anil Kapoor Brand Ambassador

Anil Kapoor is one of the most loved Stars of Hindi cinema. He is enjoying a luxurious life and currently working on several projects at the time.

Apart from this, he is endorsing so many other brands including :



The Sleep Company

Malabar Gold and Diamond



Health Ok




Scott Eyewear

Puro Salt



Godrej Expert

Upcoming Project

  1. Fighter – 28th September, 2023
  2. Animal – 11th August, 2023
  3. Jugjugg Jeeyo – 24th June, 2022
  4. Thar

Social Media Followers

YouTube –  NA

Facebook  – 6.3 million followers

Instagram – 4.9 million followers

Twitter – 6.9 million followers


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