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Hello friends… how are you? Hope all of you are well. Today I will talk about Amit Bhadana Net Worth.

Amit Bhadana is one of the super talented yet working YouTuber. He writes his own video scripts, directs, and also acts in his videos.  His net worth is estimated to be more than $ 6.5 million, which is equivalent to be more than around $ 47 crore in Indian rupees.

He was born on September 7, 1994 in Bulandshahr from Uttar Pradesh, India. Are you fine! But now, you will shocked to about total net with of Amit Bhanada.

At present you will get to know a lot of interesting income sources in his life.

Today I will discuss the fill income & all earning source of Amit Bhanada. How he became a richman. Amit Bhanada has a car collection and full details about this assets. If you want to know about Amit Bhanada biography then you can read our other post.


Amit Bhadana is also known as India’s Finest Funny vide video star.

Main Earning Source

YouTube, Sponsorships, Affiliated Marketing, Google Adsense, Partnership programs and investment

Amit Bhadana Net Worth

His net worth is $ 5.9 + Million in 2021. The total net worth of Amit Bhadana is estimated to be 5.4 Million USD , which in Indian currency is approximately around 40 crore INR. The major source of his YouTube channel. He is also earning from the directly paid advertisements which he advertises in between his videos. It has been abserved that the net income and net worth of Amit Bhanada have seen a rise of about 1800% in the last year.

So in this article, we will be discussing the total Net Worth of Amit Bhadana’s income source, earnings, Salary, luxury lifestyle, assets, brand promotions, expensive  car collection etc.

Amit Bhadana Assets

According to reports, Amit Bhanada’s net worth in Indian rupees is 40 Crore which is $5.4 Million US in 2021. Amit Bhanada ‘s monthly earnings are between 25k$ to 35k$ . Annually , he earns around 150k$ to 180k$. On average, it comes to around 700 $ to 900$ which is approx 40, 000 to 60, 000 INR per day from YouTube advertisements.

 His  annual income is approximately 4 Crore.

Amit Bhadana Assets

Amit Bhadana Net Worth Last 5 Years

Amit Bhanada Net Worth In 2021 $5.9+ Million
Amit Bhanada Net Worth In 2020 $5.3+ Million
Amit Bhanada Net Worth In 2019 $4.6 + Million
Amit Bhanada Net Worth In 2018 $3.9 + Million
Amit Bhanada Net Worth In 2017 $3.5+ Million

Yearly / Annual  Income  (Dollar & Rs.)

 His annual income is approximately 47 Crore or  $ 6.5 million United States Dollar.

Monthly Income (Dollar & Rs.)

His monthly income is more than 55 lakhs rupees or $ 1.5 million United States Dollar.

His earns an estimated salary of rs. 4 crore per year. His per video income 20 – 40 lakh ( estimated amount).

Amit Bhadana House

Amit Bhanada was born in Bulandshahr , Uttarpradesh. Later his family moves to Johri Pur, Delhi.

Amit Bhadana Cars

He owns a various luxurious cars & bike.

 So let’s discuss  about Amit Bhanada’s car collection. Amit has various car collection includes Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire, Mercedes Benz E- class & Toyoto Fortuner .  The cost of Toyoto fortuner car is around $ 39, 900 in India rs 41.00 lakh. The cost of Mercedes Benz E class car is $ 54,000 USD in India it’s Rs. 62.78 lakh. Swift Dzire car cost ranges from Rs. 5 to 10 lakh .

He has estimated net worth of $ 7 million  USD  is equivalent to Rs. 52 crores in India  . That is all about his cars collection.

Amit Bhadana Brand Ambassador

Amit Bhanada is known to be earning more than $ 30 lakhs from each video he upload on his YouTube channel. He has various income sources, his income comes from Google Adsense, sponsorship, paid promotion, stage shows etc. His estimated yearly income is Rs. 5 crore.  Mr. Amit majority of income comes from Google Adsense and brand Endorsements.

Upcoming Project


  • Known For. School Ke Woh Din Actor (2018)
  • Amit Bhadana: Parichay Amit Bhadana (2019)
  • Maa Pitaji Aur Beta Actor (2018)
  • Amit Bhadana LL.B Amit Bhadana (2022)
  • Actor. …
  • Amit Bhadana (2021)
  • Amit Bhadana: Father Saab Amit Bhadana (2021)
  • Amit Bhadana: Aatmvishvas Amit Bhadana (2021)

Social Media Followers

YouTube – 24.1 million subscribers

Facebook  – 9.1 million followers

Instagram – 8.5 million followers

Twitter – 785. 4 k followers


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