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Aman Dhattarwal is a YouTuber,  speaker, career advisor And educator from India. His net worth is estimated to be more than $ 10 million,  which is equivalent to be more than around $ 59 chores in Indian rupees.

He was born in September  22,  1997. Are you fine! But now, you will shocked to about total net with of Aman Dhattarwal.

At present you will get to know a lot of interesting income sources in his life.

Today I will discuss the fill income & all earning source of Aman Dhattarwal. How he became a richman. Mr. Dhattarwal has a car collection and full details about this assets. If you want to know about Aman Dhattarwal biography then you can read our other post.


Amam Dhattarwal is one of the most talented and most popular educators, motivation speakers, career counselors, entrepreneurs and YouTuber.

Main Earning Source

Unacademy, YouTube, AdSense, Brand Endorsements, Sponsorships, Business and Investment.

Amam Dhattarwal Net Worth

His net worth is $ 7 Million in 2021. Amam Dhattarwal becomes a self made millionaire at the age of 20 by teaching on YouTube and Unacademy and investing his earnings in real estate and stock market. According to different YouTube videos, he owns nearly 8 residential and commercial properties in Delhi NCR and Greater Noida. His estimated net worth is 100 crore ( $14 million)  and his monthly earnings in 2022 will be more than 2 crore. He has huge fan followers on all social media  side handles. Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without Mr. Dhattarwal’s –

  1. Patience
  2. Hardwork
  3. Wisedom
  4. Dedication
  5. Confidence  and
  6. Consistency

 So in this article, we will be discussing the total Net Worth of Amam Dhattarwal’s income source, earnings, Salary,luxury lifestyle, assets, brand promotions, expensive  car collection etc.

Amam Dhattarwal Assets

According to reports, Aman Dhattarwal’s net worth in Indian rupees is 59 Crore which is $10 Million US in 2023. Aman Dhattarwal has total 5 channels named “ Apni kaksha” , “ Apna College “ , “ Amam Bhaiya vlogs”, “ Hustlers Bay” and “ Amam Dhattarwal”. He is a famous celebrity who gained a lot fame by posting photos with inspirational captions on his Instragram account.

His  annual income is approximately 2.9 Crore. As per Internet sources he earns about 2-3 lakh per month

Aman Dhattarwal Assets

Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth Last 5 Years

Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth In 2023 $10 Million or 59+ Crore
Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth In 2022$8 Million or 50+ Crore
Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth In 2021$7 Million or 31+ Crore
Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth In 2019$6 Million or 29 Crore
Aman Dhattarwal Net Worth In 2018 $5 Million or 13+ Crore

Yearly / Annual  Income  (Dollar & Rs.)

 His annual income is approximately 59 Crore or 8 million United States Dollar.

Monthly Income (Dollar & Rs.)

His monthly income is more than 1.5 Crore rupees or 2 million  United States Dollar.

As per Internet’s sources he earns about 2-3 lakh per month.

Aman Dhattarwal House

Amam Dhattarwal currently lives in south Delhi. He succeeded a become a millionaire at 22 and also purchased 8 houses. His became financially independent and also invested in stocks.

Aman Dhattarwal Cars

 He is the owner of some luxury cars. So let’s discuss  about Amam Dhattarwal ’s car collection. The first car in Aman car collection is Maruti Swift. The cost of the car is around Rs. 4.99 to 10 lakh. Dhattarwal owns a brand new Mercedes Benz luxury car. The car costs around rs. 70 lakh.

 That is all about his cars collection.

Aman Dhattarwal Car

Aman Dhattarwal Brand Ambassador

Aman Dhattarwal became one of the best motivational speakers in India. He is also a foundar of apni kaksha. It is also a YouTube channel created by Aman Dhattarwal . In this channel, he uploads videos regarding btech education. He was a top tutor at unacademy , and he was making almost 1 core a month on academy. He owns residential and recommercial properties in Delhi NCR, including Apni kaksha’s office building. His income is estimated to be more than 2 lakh rupees.

Upcoming Project

  • Known For. Cocoon Producer
  • Actor. Cocoon Aman Dhattarwal
  • Producer. Cocoon

Social Media Followers

YouTube – 4, 110, 000 subscribers

Facebook  – 96 k  followers

Instagram – 508 k followers

Twitter – 97 k followers


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